5 things to focus on while in college | Tips for college students

5 things to focus on while in college | Tips for college students

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·Aug 1, 2021·

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Hey people!

In this blog, I want to talk about 5 things that you shouldn't miss out in college.

For those who want to watch the video instead of reading it, here is the link:

Without further ado let's start!


so, A college has a very good and vibrant environment! There are many friends around. You live with them and learn many new things.

You get many new opportunities. You can grow, learn new things, etc. so definitely you should use that opportunity. I feel that there are few things that I should have tried out in my college years, which I want to share with you all.

I have seen many students who come to college and find new freedom in college. They find independence from their parents or from other people. They had restrictions at home but here they can do anything they want. After coming here, many of them spend time in their hostel rooms.
somebody is binging web series, others are doing timepass, etc I am not saying that these things are wrong, you also have leisure time. but what I am saying is that, if you are in college for 4 years
so rather than being stuck in your room and binging TV series the whole day isn't it is good to go out and try new things?

Do read till the end because I will be sharing a bonus point also at the end of the blog.

so let's start then!

Section 1: Try to manage some Events or handle some events!

Management is such a quality which you can't avoid in your Life! so whatever you do, you'll always have to manage something. whether you are doing your work or something else, you have to manage your time. You have to manage something every time in your life

If in your college, If you participate or handle some management activities then you'll have a good enough idea of management. By managing an event, you understand:
how to talk to people
how to allocate time
how to coordinate with other people that you can work efficiently with them

This skill is very important. Now when I meet new people and work together in the company or anywhere, I see that you have to work together with others. You can't do so much work alone.
That's why managing events is a very good start for this!

Section 2: You should start something NEW!

Try to start something new. be it either a startup, or a new club, or anything!

This point is in correlation with 1st point. When you start something, you understand that how you can create something good from a basic level.

I started my own startup in college. We made it popular from the ground level and had profited from that. I understood that there many things to learn about!
so if you start something new, be it a startup, or club, or if you start a community, then you'll understand that how a thing is started from the very ground level and what components are required for that.

For eg:
you have to interact with new people
you have to show good teamwork with your team
you also have to do promotion of your product
you will have to improve your writing skills so you can write catchy headings or good articles!

so there are many things you will learn about that, how work is done in a startup and how to work with less money!

Also, when you start anything new in your college years, you have another advantage. an Audience!
The biggest problem for any startup is that they don't get a customer base. But here in your college itself, you have 3k-4k students who are already ready to try out your product!
You just have to go to your college Fb group and post "I have started this thing, would you like to try this out?"

I feel you should take full advantage of this opportunity! who knows If you make it big?

Section 3: Try your hands on Coding!

Even if you're not from circuit branches, then also I will advise you to learn to code.

Today when I see it, every sector is getting automated.
In any sector, people's count is getting reduced as more and more machines are being used. The same thing is going to happen in the future also. Those people who can develop those machines or those people who can develop software will have more demand. IT sector demand will increase in the future.

so if you learn to code that basically means that now you have a backup option. If you don't get a very good job or placement. Like during these covid times itself, I saw this trend in my college that very few core companies came for placements. But still, those people who kept on learning to code or those who maintained their analytics profile, they still got a very good placement!
so that's why, try your hands-on coding also!

Section 4: Focus on your Health!

This thing is very close to me because I have seen many students who completely ignore this point. Since they are young right now, very few people care about it. but your health is very Important!

Try to prepare a schedule in which you are keeping an eye on your health every day. and I am not talking about regularly doing Gym. You can do any activity! be it running, walking, cycling, controlling your diet, etc.
Keep doing those things through which you get reminded of your health.

Section 5: Don't Ignore your Academics!

This point had to come.

Whatever you do, maybe you play sports, do various activities, learn many new things in college but at the last, you have to remember that why you went to that college? that is focusing on your studies and learning new things wrt academics.

Don't ignore the academics at all costs.
If you ignore your academics, then your cgpa gets compromised. If your cgpa is low, then you get problems in placement. so you have to maintain your cgpa and academics.

There is multi-tasking everywhere. You have to learn to manage other things along with your studies. and if you learned now, then it will also benefit you later on.

Bonus Point: Start to learn about Investing!

Yeah! Had I knew about this during my college, I would have started it for sure.

Let's assume that maybe after 5 years, you start to earn money.
so you'll spend some of it, and the rest you'll store in your bank account.
but is there any way to earn more money from that money? can you grow it? that is called Investing your money!

Investing is a very broad term. There are many youtube videos, books on that, and many people have too much idea about it. You can also learn through them, but you'll have to start it now! because the sooner you start Investing, the Better!

so I hope this was enough knowledge. Keep enjoying, and Be safe! see you in the next Blog!

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