About Me

Hi there,

My name is Anmol Sahu. I am a software developer by profession from India.

I also make Youtube videos about student's life, startups, case studies, and problem-solving. I love this quote a lot: "Imperfections are beautiful" (Why? ah! we'll discuss this on some other day)

my desire: I want to help other people around the globe by sharing my own experience with them.

Now, you might be expecting someone who has figured out everything in his life, as many other people showcase. But I want to be completely honest with you about me. I haven't figured out major shit in life, but I only know one thing for sure, which is: 'I want to change and affect millions of lives for the better.'
To do that, I am just using whatever tools I have. be it youtube, Linkedin, or these blogs.

I am just following the paths life is taking me on. I love meeting new people, and I hope that someday we might meet in person. Till then, keep figuring out your life and if possible, help the people around you with compassion. Because when you are there for someone who needs support, there will be somebody else for you when you'll need it. ❤️

Visit my youtube channel:

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