How to get Confidence before Interviews?

How to get Confidence before Interviews?

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Anmol Sahu
·Nov 25, 2021·

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Do you have your interview tomorrow? And are you wondering what you should pay attention to, how you should strategize your preparation, what should be your focus, whether practical questions or theoretical questions?
If so then you have come to the right place! In this blog, we'll see how we can boost our confidence a day before the interview.

Here comes a small piece of advice before going into the strategy which states- Try not to keep a backlog for the day before the interview since nothing exceptional can get accomplished, nor can one improve highly in a short period. In the end, what matters is the perseverance and consistent hard work that you've been doing to date.

Now as far as boosting our confidence a day before is concerned, the way we feel on our big day matters a lot, despite the technical terms and answering the question. If you feel confident and energetic, it's sure to reflect on your interview. So let's jump into the strategy!
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Part 1 (2 hours): Past Questions Revision

Go through the questions already solved by you and try to practice them if possible. Not all but the ones which you may have bookmarked anytime earlier which is highly important and have high chances of being asked in the interview.
Do segmentwise revision part by part, picking some questions from each topic. The benefits are- you would have revised every topic, completing questions from every segment, and doing a little research on every topic. Hence, you are sure to feel confident enough.
Doing every question is nearly impossible and difficult but look at the question list that needs compulsory attention before the interview and determine the solution approach. Then compare it with the previous one by which the right one will stick to your mind.

Part 2 (2 hours): Working on Weak topics

Though many people may disagree with this, working on our weak parts will help us in getting relief and increase our performance. You would have heard many people say, " You should only do what you studied earlier or concentrate only on revision". But what I say is focussing on the weaker part will pave the way for improving one's confidence instantly.
Divide the weak portions into the easy ones, difficult ones, and the ones which may be asked in the interview, the important ones. Your focus should be on the easy topics whose probability of getting asked is high. The benefit is- you'll be able to kick out the fear and nervousness that you had before.

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