How To Grow In An Online Scenario?

How To Grow In An Online Scenario?

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·Nov 25, 2021·

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Have you not been able to grow your skills lately due to online classes? Yes, most of us are sailing in the same boat!! In this online world of online classes, due to covid, we've not been able to grow ourselves lately, and even if we want to, there is no motivation! In this blog, we'll ponder upon the problems and its solution as to how one can grow in an online scenario.
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  1. The problem is that since all the classes are online, one tends to think that he/she is not growing because we never study seriously. Even if the classes are online, merely a few give their full attention. So basically, one is not learning anything new.
  2. The second thing is - because we're not going to college, we're not getting to know what our friends are doing. For instance, when I was in college, people could see when I participated in something, learned a new skill, or joined a club after someone started a club. So, when someone is learning a new skill, you would find out about it. And seeing them, you realize you could acquire them too. But since you are at home, you have no idea what your peers are doing. Also, you can't even find out what skills you can improve on.

  3. Since we've all been at our houses for such a long time, absolutely doing nothing, we don't get a chance to grow because there's no motivation at all. Because even if you force yourself, you study for a day, or two, but studying continuously, that's what is proving to be difficult.

Now, this is the problem. What could be the solution for this?


So, at this point when everything's to be experienced from home, and there is nobody to push you, no one to motivate you or to nag you to work or improve on your skills, I feel that it's better to grow on the skill that sounds, even a little bit interesting to you.

A lot of people think coding is important, so they keep learning to code, even if that doesn't interest them, so they're not growing much, or not growing at all. But what I feel is, you could try something new that sounds interesting to you. There are a lot of such fields like-
• Coding
• web development
• app development
• content writing
• graphic designing
• video editing
• video making
• or even it could be some new game.
So, there are many things out there. You can do anything, you could even- create videos like me, you could even start a start-up, join an online community, or even start an online community whatever you're interested in. For instance, if you're interested in hacking, you can develop on that and start your own community.

So, it's better that you try something which interests you. Now, how will you try? Let's say, digital marketing is something that interests you.
And if you are a student then you can even start a very good career in digital marketing. It'll aid you in the future. Now that it sounds interesting and seems like a good choice, go and watch tutorials on what you chose for a couple of months. There are a lot of them available out there on Youtube, paid and free courses are available on Udemy and Coursera as well.

Follow the people who are already doing what you want to. And then, observe and learn from them how it can be done. Keep improving on that new skill.

You will have to make a little effort and take action. Thereafter, you could do an internship. You've learned a new skill for 2 or 3 months, after which, you can apply for internships online from websites like Internshala. Though you'll get less stipend, at least you'll have someone as a mentor who can guide you to do more such work. So this way you can develop a new skill, within 5 months.

How to instill Motivation?

The next thing was that you're not getting any motivation. For instance, you're finding nothing interesting. You're not interested in any of the fields that I've listed. So, how do we grow then? So then you should pick up such things that will be very useful in the future. For example, Digital marketing, or website building, app development, or web development. Or if you have stage fear, then public speaking.
So take out some time from every day, make a schedule and take out some time, where you'll develop the skill and try to command over it gradually. Once it is included in your schedule, you won't even need any motivation to devote time to this. As soon as the clock strikes your scheduled time you’ll sit for the same innately and it’ll turn into your habit.

Now, I hope I was able to guide you through the path of growing online.
“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.” ― Roy T. Bennett

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