How to introduce yourself? | Tell me about yourself | Smart answer for freshers & for job switch

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How to introduce yourself? | Tell me about yourself | Smart answer for freshers & for job switch

Hey guys! myself Anmol In this blog, we'll see how to prepare a great introduction for your interviews.

so the agenda for this blog is:

  1. Why this question is very important and asked so many times?
  2. What to speak in your intro?
  3. What NOT to speak in intro?
  4. A sample introduction of myself which will give you a complete idea of how you should speak.

For those who want to watch the video instead of reading it, here is the link:

Without further ado, let's start.

1) why is it important and why this question is asked so many times

You might have heard of this phrase that "first impression is the last impression". Although I do not believe in that so much because I feel that impressions can be changed over time but for short meetings or for interviews in which you are not going to meet the other person again, your first impression definitely matters. and in 99% of interviews you'll find that it will start by asking you about yourself or to introduce yourself.

2) Why this question is asked?

basically, if you want to talk to an unknown person then first you need to get familiar with them and that's why asking introduction is the right way.

and also I feel that the interviewer wants to see what really matters to you. so whatever you speak in intro, they might pick up something and carry forward your interview from that point. so many times it happens that your introduction determines the flow of your interview.

After this, I feel it's better to be prepared beforehand because you are already nervous in an interview and if you mess up your intro, you might become more nervous.

3) What you should actually speak in intro

I'll divide it into two phases. Almost everything is similar, but there are 2 types of people.

  • freshers who recently graduated from college
  • people applying for job switch i.e they were already employed and have some experience. basically, they have more content to speak about.

so for intro, a simple template would be:

i. start by greeting your interviewer

ii. a short description of yourself

  • it can be about anything but should be small. eg: where you're working, what you're working on, or you're in which college, etc.

iii. Speak about projects/ achievement/ current work or speak on extracurricular/ management skills.

  • At this point, you have this golden opportunity to decide the flow of the interview. You should speak about those skills or things, in which you're good. eg: if in last 1-2 years you did a lot of CP, then speak about that. If you did a lot of web-dev, then speak about that. you get the idea?
  • you have to share those skills in which you're good at because you want the interviewer to ask you about those things. and there are high chances of happening.

Now, why am I asking you to include some kind of leadership and management experience also?

  • Nowadays company doesn't want only coders. they also want those people who can show leadership and management skills because the better time management you have, that basically means that you can manage your work well too. so do speak 1-2 lines if you have experience wrt that. Although it's not related to your job profiles but is better to speak about it a little.

iv. Why do you want to join that company? or why you're applying for this responsibility/position? so freshers don't need to speak much about the 4th point because everybody knows you're applying to get hired but if you're applying for a job switch then you should speak about 4th point also.

Also, whatever you speak, it should be with confidence. No need to speak fast. Be prepared and speak slowly. if you speak too fast, then it shows that you're nervous, so keep this thing in mind.

3) What you shouldn't speak in an intro?

i. you don't need to cover your personal details like your hobbies or your childhood because it's not related to your job. so you don't need to tell.

ii. Also, don't OverSell yourself. no need to overdo, I've seen many people speaking alot that "I am very dedicated person", "I am very hardworking person", "I can do this, that", etc. so like this, I can also pick 10 synonyms of 'dedicated' from google and speak those, but it won't look good. Credibility won't be there.

General tip: If possible, try to include an example at some points. Eg: if I speak that "I am interested in event management" so I will also speak that "I have managed 20 - 30 events in my college". This increases credibility and trust.

4) A sample introduction

I'll show you my own intro.

Hello, myself Anmol. It's so nice to see you. Thank you for taking your time out for this interview.

I am a Final Year student at NIT Warangal and I am from a Computer Science background. As you can see from my resume, that I did my internship in Microsoft and I was in the Azure backup team. Apart from this, I am a very passionate programmer and I worked on frontend web development and also on app development and I have also developed my own websites & apps.

Apart from my technical skills I also like leadership and management and that's why I have been appointed as class representative in my 2nd year and currently, I am the placement coordinator of my college.

I was really excited by looking at the job position of SDE-2 and the thing is, right now I am looking for ways by which I can grow in my career. I am really passionate about my work so I constantly look on to new responsibilities which I can add on and can learn from it. so yea, that is why I applied for this position.

Now freshers don't need to include last paragraph necessarily. But if you're switching job then definitely you should give your reason.

ig that's all for this blog. I don't want to stress too much on this topic otherwise people start taking tension unnecessarily. A good enough intro, in between 30-50 seconds, anything will work. you have to be natural and it shouldn't look like you have memorized it and just giving a monologue. so be confident, speak well, don't take tension.

See you in the next one :)

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